The Dillard Woman by Valda La Stewart-Williams

DU Alumna Valda La Stewart Williams of the class of 81 wrote a beautiful poem about the Dillard Woman. The DU National Alumni Association (DUNAA) had to share this with the Dillard Family!!


The Dillard Woman

She’s one of a kind, of poise and grace,
She doesn’t have to wear furs, diamonds nor lace.

Cynthia, Karen, Lisa, Glenda – YOU and even ME!

She chose this school at a very young age,
Didn’t know what to expect when I saw the KEARNY stage.

The students were gathered and enjoying the sun,
My heart was set at ease for I thought “this is going to be fun”!

The campus was BEAUTIFUL like nothing ever seen,
I now had proof from the reading – Yes, it was “Gleaming White and Spacious Green”.

The buildings were marked STERN and ROSENWALD HALL,
I wondered “How would I get up the stairs with books without taking a fall”?

From its radiant beauty “too much” to handle soooo much to behold,
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE was expected I had been told.

But…….I’m only sixteen – I’’ll just run across the grass”,
NO NO young lady – The Dillard Woman walks with class.

OH MY GRACIOUS how will I fit in?
An upperclassman whispered – “no worries home girl – soon you will blend in”.

Things began to feel right…things began to come together,
My dorm, my friends and even Louisiana’s humid weather.

I heard names like – Dr. Cook, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Sutton and someone named “SPEARS”,
Before my graduation I could be in a shamble or maybe even in TEARS!

In a crowd of thousands it is SHE that causes you to take a double look,
YES, OH YES…”that’s The Dillard Woman who was in the Ebony book”.

The girls were in abundance, the males not so much,
However…the few that I saw seemed to have the magic touch.

They charmed us, opened doors and asked some for “their hand”,
THE DILLARD WOMAN got a degree and the icing…..well, some got THEIR MAN”!

No football, no marching band nor sports like some others,
But male professors were like fathers, the females like our mothers.

They taught us, empowered us, they loved us you see…
I’m THE DILLARD WOMAN – A pace setter – wouldn’t you agree?

Valda La Stewart-Williams
Class of 81′


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