Five Songs Every Dillard Alumnus & Student Should Know

Dillard University is known for its awesome music department and DU Concert Choir but you do not have to be a member of the Dillard University Concert Choir to know ever note of these classic DU songs. If you attended programs at Dillard for four years these are the songs that every Dillard alumnus and student should know by heart.

5.) Lift Every Voice & Sing (The Dillard University Concert Choir version) – This song is typically the opening song at every official program and is a classic selection among black schools. The Dillard University version however is a masterful piece allowing the listener and performer to experience the complete beauty of the the poem that James Weldon Johnson created which became the National Negro Anthem.

4.) My Soul Been Anchor in The Lord – Much like the anchor on the official seal of Dillard University this song is a steadfast classic at graduation, honor convocation or official programs of the president of the university. This song confirms that our faith is IN THE LORD (please use a deep tenor and base while reading the last line – Dillard people know what I am talking about)

3) Shut De Door Keep Out the Devil – Quite ironic for a school whose official mascot is the “Blue Devil however this song is a favorite of the Dillard University Family and please don’t forget the hand claps and African call & response during the performance. (If you are not an official DU concert choir liturgical dancer please do not dance in the pews by doing a remix version of your own dance Thanks)

2.) Fare Ye Well – We need a box of tissue just typing this statement about this beloved Dillard tradition. This song is typically sung at the Spring Concert & at the end of graduation. This beautiful master piece created by our very own Mr. Davenport will always be a very important part of the tradition of graduation at Dillard.

1.) Fair Dillard – Written by Dillard University’s first president Dr. Williams S. Nelson with the music arranged by Dillard University’s first music teacher and choir director Dr. Frederick Hall Dillard University’s Alma Mater is beautiful “Fair Dillard, Gleaming White and Spacious Green, We Love Thy Every Blade and Tree. “The alma mater is typically learned at the weekly chapel programs known as Freshmen Assembly every Tuesday. Every Dillard student and every Dillard alumnus should know every word and sing it proudly.

Honorable Mentions for Dillard songs every student and alumnus should know is

Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

Joshua Fought the Battle

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3 thoughts on “Five Songs Every Dillard Alumnus & Student Should Know

  1. Wow! What can I say. They are al Dillard Classics. I had the opportunity to sing them all for the four years I attended the university. As the 1st tenor of the Male Quartet, which was quite an honor for me, I so enjoyed being under the mentor ship of Dr. S. Carver Davenport. I so love all of the experiences that DU allowed to me have….. Blue Devil for Life.

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