Dillard University Awards Faculty and Staff

Dillard University Awards Faculty and Staff

Dillard University Awards Faculty and Staff


Every year at the start of the academic session at Dillard University the university host a faculty and staff institute. During the institute the university honors faculty and staff who has served Dillard University for 20 years are longer. This year the following persons were honored at the faculty and staff luncheon. They are:
Hadi Alkahby Academic Affairs 20 years
Dr. Kevin Bastian Student Support Services 24 Years
Helen R. Bougere Academic Affairs 21 Years
Dr. Gary M. Clark Academic Affairs 23 Years
Louis Ellis – Dining Services – 23 Years
Dr. Christian V. Fugar – Academic Affairs – 25 Years
Beverly Harris – Academic Affairs – 23 Years
Nick L. Harris – Institutional Advancement – 24 Years
Errol Jackson- Dinning Service – 30 Years
Dr. Eartha L. Johnson – Academic Affairs – 24 Years
Dianne Lane – Information Technology & Telecommunications – 23 Years
Rachel Mercadel – Legal Affairs/ Internal Audi – 24 Years
Dr. Nchor B. Okorn – Academic Affairs – 23 Years
Riddell G. Rose – Student Support Services – 23 Years
Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy – Academic Affairs – 22 Years
Dr. Reginald Stanton – Academic Affairs- 25 Years
Laranza “Rennie” Williams – Information Technology & Telecommunications – 25 Years
Norma “Jeannie” Stewart – Dining Services – 28 Years
Ms. Norma Stewart better known to the Dillard Family as “Ms. Jeannie” received a standing ovation for her 28 years of dedicated service to our “Fair Dillard”
Dillard Alumni let us all join in by saying thank you to these persons for their dedicated service to Dillard University.


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