Dillard opens medical physics concentration

Dillard opens medical physics concentration

Dillard University has announced the creation of a medical physics concentration under its physics and pre-engineering program.

The new curriculum will prepare students for graduate school and work in several areas of medical physics, said Dr. Abdalla Darwish, professor of physics at Dillard, who cited a dire need in New Orleans and Louisiana for qualified medical physicists.

“To my knowledge, Dillard is the only private four-year college in the state to offer a concentration in medical physics,” Darwish said. “The skills learned in the concentration will provide students with the training to safely and properly operate and maintain diagnostic imaging devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound and X-rays, as well as the ability to analyze the resulting images.”

He said the courses will give students a basic hands-on introduction to imaging equipment in a new ionization radiation laboratory.

According to the American Institute of Physics, Dillard was ranked as a top producer of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees in physics in 2012 and, according to the National Science Foundation, was among the top 50 colleges whose graduates earn doctorates in the sciences in 2013.

For information on the concentration in medical physics, contact Darwish at (504) 816-4877.



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