Alumnus Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart to Speak at Dillard


Will Address Students with “Reflections on Life and the Law”
(New Orleans, LA) – On Monday, April 6 the Honorable Carl E. Stewart will address a group of aspiring legal eagles at 6 p.m. in the Justice Revius O. Ortique Jr. Mock Trial Courtroom in the Professional Schools and Sciences Building on Dillard University’s campus.
The title of the program is “The Chief Judge Speaks: Reflections on Life and the Law from the Honorable Carl Stewart.”
“We are excited about having the Chief Judge for the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals come and share his experience with our students,” said Dr. Gary Clark, political science professor and director of Dillard’s Center for Law and Public Interest. “I wonder if our students realize how fortunate they are to have someone of Judge Stewart’s caliber come and have a face-to-face conversation with them. The fact that Judge Stewart is a 1971 graduate of Dillard makes it even more special,” Clark added. For more information call 504-816-4701.


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