DU President Walter Kimbrough “Is Karrine Controversial?”

Dr. Walter Kimbrough 7th President of Dillard University

Dr. Walter Kimbrough 7th President of Dillard University

The President of Dillard University recently penned a response concerning the feedback on the upcoming visit of Ms. Karrine Steffans to the campus of Dillard University. Please read his blog post “Is Karrine Controversial?” to better understand his position concerning this issue.  Please click on the following link to read the blog



One thought on “DU President Walter Kimbrough “Is Karrine Controversial?”

  1. I think some need to pump their brakes with regard to intimating this being grounds for impeachment or for the withdrawal of financial support. But perhaps a better candidate to represent the subject matter should have been selected. And many including myself find it disturbing that Dr. Kimbrough couldn’t see that and somehow became blinded by his decision and thus dug his heals in and very arrogantly to boot. The overall message was overcoming the adversity of domestic violence and abuse. This woman used her body and the porn industry to do that. She brags about how she slept with men to accomplished her goal. There would be redemption in her story if she had gotten a Ph.D. or started a foundation or shelter for battered women. Its like she’s one of those major IT thieves that stole millions of corporate dollars in IT scams and she is now hired to teach corporate America how not to get plucked by thieves. She has no real redeeming qualities for her advocacy and is not the best example for young women to follow. Her mantra is its okay to be a hoe as long as you’re getting something out of it. Dillard has a higher standard I presume. Clearly this is problematic or the discontent registered wouldn’t be blowing up to the degree and extent it is. Dr. Kimbrough is a good President and a firm leader with vision. That however does not make him beyond reproach or criticism. My daughter once told me she was not attracted to a suitor from Harvard with dual degrees because, “he had a massive ego”. I responded as his wife your job would be to soothe and check his ego. If Dr. Kimbrough is as arrogant in this matter as his response indicates, it is the student body, staff and alumni’s job to put him back in his place and check his ego.

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