Vote Today to help DU Alum Start a Diabetes Prevention Program


DU Alumnus Michael Griffin is the CEO of Daughters of Charity and his company is in a competition in which you can help them win.  This awesome project will help educate New Orleans citizens on how they can prevent from getting diabetes. So please take the time to vote and support!

Click Link to Vote

To learn more about the program please read the following

Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans (DCSNO) will use the grant funding to start a pre-diabetes program to prevent individuals from developing diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, limb amputations, and new cases of blindness in the United States and the disease is reaching epidemic proportions in New Orleans. DCSNO currently operates the Daughters’ Diabetic Institute, which is a diabetes management program that uses a shared-visit model to give patients the tools, resources, and education they need to effectively manage their diabetes. Based on the success of this program, DCSNO hopes to start a pre-diabetes program, which will use a similar model to teach individuals who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or at-risk for developing diabetes, how to change their lifestyle.

The pre-diabetes program will include educational sessions on diabetes, nutrition, physical activity, managing stress, and overcoming barriers. DCSNO will partner with Market Umbrella to provide participants with vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables to be redeemed at Crescent City Farmers Markets throughout greater New Orleans and with the YMCA to provide gym memberships for the participants. With your help, this pre-diabetes program will reverse the dangerous fate of pre-diabetics while also reducing health care costs.


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