Shirley Williams Kane Giving Back to DU in a Special Way


Crowns are important part of every queen and DU Alumna Mrs. Shirley Williams-Kane of the Class of 1997 is making sure that the current Dillard University Miss UNCF and Miss Pre Alumni Council know that they are true blue royalty.
Each year the Dillard University Pre Alumni Council selects a Miss. UNCF & a Miss. Pre Alumni Council. Mrs. Williams-Kane generously purchased crowns for both young ladies for the annual coronation of Miss Dillard University & Mister Dillard University. Miss UNCF will represent Dillard University at the annual UNCF Pre Alumni Council Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA this upcoming spring.
Thank you Shirley Williams-Kane for being a true example for the Dillard University family on what generosity and giving back to the current students of Dillard University in a unique and personal way looks like because “Together we are Strong” at Dillard University. You are truly a queen.


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