Sidney Green

Fellow Alums:

Given the recent changes in the make-up of the Executive Board of DUNAA, I would like to bring you up to date on DUNAA’s priorities and the status of the Executive Board. The Executive Board continues to focus on the priorities established by the President in June 2015.


DUNAA’s priorities are:

1) assisting the university in recruitment, admission and retention of students,

2) working with the University to increase the rate of alumni contributing to the University, and

3) increasing the number of chapters that are a part of DUNAA


While there have been resignations by 5 members, the Executive Board is fully functional and 5 members have been appointed to these positions until the next election period. I’d like to thank them for their service to DUNAA and our Fair Dillard.


The members of the Executive Board are

1st Vice President – Robert L Perry*, of Dallas, TX

2nd Vice President – John Bossier, of Memphis, TN

Recording Secretary – Troy King*, of the Washington DC Metropolitan  area

Corresponding Secretary – Malik Bartholomew, of  New Orleans, LA

Treasurer – David Sullivan*, of  Dallas, TX

Financial Secretary – Dr. Warren Jones*, of Ridgeland, MS

Parliamentarian – Dr. James Alford, of New York Tristate area

Sgt. at Arms – Eric Harris, of Memphis, TN

Chaplain – Rev. Otto Duncan,* of New Orleans, LA and

Immediate Past President – Pamela Francois (ex officio), of  New Orleans, LA

*denotes new member


AS DUNAA President, I serve as Chair of the Executive Board.


I assure you that each of these individuals recognize the importance of the priorities that have been established and are providing their expertise, energy and enthusiasm to make certain the committees achieve their goals.


If you have any questions or would like to contact me please feel free to do so at: dunaa.president@gmail.com.


Sidney Green Ph.D, President DUNAA



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