Dillard University Announces Academic Restructuring


NEW ORLEANS – Vice President of Academic Affairs Yolanda Page announced plans to restructure the University’s colleges in order to increase efficiency.  These recommendations were submitted to and approved by all appropriate constituent groups, including the Dillard University Board of Trustees.

“After a very thorough process, the consensus is that the changes made to our academic infrastructure will allow us to streamline some of our operations while maintaining their quality,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Yolanda Page.

The following changes are effective at the start of the 2016-17 academic year:

·      The College of General Studies will be eliminated, which includes the Academic Center for Excellence, General Education/core curriculum, physical education, and undergraduate research;

·      The Academic Center for Excellence will directly report to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs;

·      General education and core curriculum will be overseen by a standing committee of the Dillard Faculty Senate;

·      Physical education will be placed within the administrative oversight of the Dean of Arts and Sciences;

·      Undergraduate research will report to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

None of the outlined changes will impact student degree programs.


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